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The following Trademark Intake Form is a questionnaire-type set of fields by which Ziliak Law may obtain information essential for our evaluation of your proposed mark in contemplation of filing an application for registration with the USPTO.  Notwithstanding the disclaimer below, we encourage current and potential clients to reach out to us with any questions they may have on the fields and their necessities.

    Identify the legal name of the person or company that will be the owner of the trademark or service mark.

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    The term "use in commerce" means the bona fide (NOT token) use of a mark in the ordinary course of trade, and not made merely to reserve a right in a mark. For purposes of this Act, a mark shall be deemed to be in use in commerce (1) on goods when (A) it is placed in any manner on the goods or their containers or the displays associated therewith or on the tags or labels affixed thereto, or if the nature of the goods makes such placement impracticable, then on documents associated with the goods or their sale, and(B) the goods are sold or transported in commerce, and (2) on services when it is used or displayed in the sale or advertising of services and the services are rendered in commerce, or the services are rendered in more than one State or in the United States and a foreign country and the person rendering the services is engaged in commerce in connection with the services. 15 U.S.C. s 1127.

    By clicking Submit, Submitter agrees on his or her behalf or on behalf of the Owner(s) or other parties in interest that no engagement with Ziliak Law has been completed and that no attorney-client relationship exists until: (i) Ziliak Law has completed a conflict of interest check; and (ii) Ziliak Law has executed an Engagement Letter with the proper parties in interest.*:I agree:


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