Accidents happen. Investments lose value. Contractual obligations are ambiguous. The litigation team at Ziliak Law is here to help you defend your rights against transgressions by outside parties and lawsuits that question your own actions. Prior to litigation, we work with you to design structures and procedures to minimize risk. And when disputes arise, we assess your options and guide you through the process to reach the best outcome as efficiently as possible.

Our litigation team features highly skilled attorneys with decades of combined experience in successfully handling complex matters in state and federal courts and before arbitration panels, administrative agencies, and beyond. Ziliak Law litigators have worked on a wide range of cases, from securities class actions and regulatory complaints, through commercial disputes over contracts and intellectual property, to claims regarding blockchain systems, cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, and employment discrimination.

With that experience comes a sense of security: our attorneys walk you through each step of the process, from start to finish, as we work to resolve your issue in the most prompt, ethical, cost efficient, and legally sound manner possible.

With backgrounds in big-firm law but with an intentional focus on the needs of our clients rather than on the billable hour, we formulate a litigation plan that is right for you -- with your goals, risk and budget in mind. We will staff your case with the best team for your issue and keep you fully informed of your options and risks throughout the process. Your best interest is ours.


  • Case management
  • Litigation plan formation
  • Advice on internal organization to reduce risk
  • Electronic discovery and legacy data mitigation
  • Class certification disputes
  • Expert witness reports
  • Appeals


  • Securities and commodities claims
  • Responses to regulatory actions
  • Blockchain and cryprocurrency matters
  • Trademark and copyright infringement claims
  • Municipal representation
  • Contractual disputes
  • Defamation claims


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