Patents protect innovative ideas and improvements, comprising new, useful processes, machines, manufactures, or compositions of matter.  Our experienced attorneys will guide your path through the complicated steps of evaluating your idea, determining the best method of protecting it under intellectual property laws — e.g., patent, copyright or trade secret — and pursuing the protection through the US Patent or Copyright Office.

Under the premise that a patent is a business tool to gain a technological advantage over business competitors, our patent attorneys work with inventors and management to pursue patents.  Establishing the scope and nature of an invention, describing it with precision in a patent application, and claiming patent rights to the invention maximize protection while avoiding ambiguity.

Once a patent is granted, our litigation team works with our patent attorneys to pursue infringers who are competing unfairly.  Our attorneys also provide defense against accusations of infringement brought by others, including providing advice about designing around patents or invalidating patents through court or Post-Grant proceedings in the USPTO.

When a patent is not available, our attorneys advise whether trade secret or copyright protection is available for innovations, such as computer programs, methods of doing business or manufacture, chemical processes, etc.

Our attorneys also advise on building and monetizing a patent portfolio, assist in transferring IP rights and licensing patents and copyrights, and provide patentability, infringement, and freedom-to-operate opinions.


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