Ziliak Law’s Entertainment & Media Practice Group provides services that cover the full breadth of entertainment law, such as contract drafting and negotiation, artist representation, intellectual property law, corporate transactions, and media, copyright, and trademark law. Our Entertainment & Media group brings nearly 50 years of combined legal expertise and diverse backgrounds to our clients.

Our firm represents both regional and national clients in the entertainment, media, and leisure industries. Our Entertainment & Media Practice covers the negotiation and drafting of a wide variety of agreements used by a broad range of clients in the music, motion picture, television, media, fine art, and publishing industries. These include agreements related to copyright, corporate and business-related matters, employment contracts, commercial endorsements, and licensing.

Our firm’s attorneys have represented clients in nearly every corner of the entertainment and media landscape, including motion picture studios, music publishers, magazine and book publishers, individual performers, celebrities, multi-platinum recording artists and songwriters, start-up companies, television production companies, television networks and stations, radio production companies, photographers, artists, writers, composers, and record producers. We have worked with or represented both national and local talent, as well as small companies and Fortune 500 companies.

We also represent a broad spectrum of business clients including business owners, corporations, and shareholders. Our services include business formation and valuation; corporate governance; business, corporate, and shareholder litigation; contracts and contractual disputes; trademark prosecution and disputes; fraud investigations and claims; buyer & seller transactions; and securities law.

The attorneys in our Entertainment & Media Practice span multiple generations and all have a deep and abiding love for the arts and for protecting the fruits of our gifted and creative clients.


  • Contracts for entertainment-related industries including film, television, music, radio, theatre, new media, and marketing
  • Protection and commercialization of intellectual property
  • Dispute resolution within entertainment industries
  • Financing and investment in content-based ventures
  • Business planning and strategy
  • Tax optimization and corporate structuring


  • Production counsel for independent films
  • Negotiation of talent agreements for television and film
  • Formation and operation of music record labels and studios
  • Financing documents for film and music ventures
  • Negotiation of music industry agreements including artist management, live performance, recording, songwriting, publishing, licensing, and others
  • Acquisition and disposition of web properties
  • New media deals
  • Handling of disputes relating to infringement of copyright and trademark rights, right of privacy, right of publicity, and defamation
  • Representation of writers in negotiations of screenplay and literary option agreements
  • Protection of band names
  • Negotiation of branding, endorsement, and product placement deals
  • Drafting service contracts for public relations firms
  • Structuring and negotiating contracts for radio shows
  • Transactions relating to foreign rights for content


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