Startups, Business & Corporate

Ziliak Law’s team of attorneys delivers experienced insight on a broad spectrum of business and corporate matters, including entity formation, capital structure, employment, and intellectual property matters. Our diverse team includes MBAs, former compliance officers, and in-house counsel, attorneys with experience in programming and software development, and former big-firm and government attorneys.

Seasoned companies and entrepreneurs alike rely on Ziliak Law for advice on the day-to-day legal questions that arise while running a business. Ziliak Law is Where Startups Start®



  • Contracts for growing businesses
  • Venture capital and financing transactions
  • Securities compliance and documentation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Tax optimization
  • Business planning including entity selection, formation, organization, and qualification
  • Charter documents for all entity types
  • Protection of tangible and intangible assets
  • Support for nonprofit organizations including advice for formation, tax status, and ongoing operations
  • Documentation for real estate investment
  • Corporate maintenance
  • International business transactions