Blockchain technology has grown to become one of the hottest topics in the business world. The technology and the functionality it enables have created a wide range of interesting new opportunities. With those opportunities come both new legal issues and new applications of longstanding legal concepts.

At Ziliak Law, we’ve assembled a team of attorneys who stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the blockchain world so that we can guide clients through every aspect of the creation and evolution of blockchain-centered businesses. Working with clients on matters ranging from cryptocurrency fund creation to trading platforms to ICOs, we’re positioned to help make business plans into reality with a focus on speed and cost effectiveness.



  • SEC-compliant issuance
  • Federal and State Legal Compliance
  • Evaluation of Security and Utility Tokens

Crypto Fund Creation

  • Fund Formation and Regulatory Compliance
  • Reg D and Blue Sky Filings
  • Private Placement Memoranda
  • Hybrid Mining-and-Investing Funds

Crypto Trading Platforms

  • CFTC and SEC Compliance

Blockchain Integration Into Legacy Businesses

  • Service Agreements
  • Software Development and Licensing Agreements

IP and other Business Law Concerns

  • Company Formation
  • Patent, Copyright, and Trademark Protection