Blockchain: At Ziliak Law, we’ve assembled a team of attorneys who stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the blockchain world so that we can guide clients through every aspect of the creation and evolution of blockchain-centered businesses. Working with clients on matters ranging from cryptocurrency fund creation to trading platforms to ICOs, we’re positioned to help make business plans into reality with a focus on speed and cost effectiveness.

Business and Corporate: Ziliak Law’s attorneys apply their training in finance, marketing, and management to assist entrepreneurs and established businesses alike with a broad spectrum of corporate matters, including entity formation, fundraising, contract negotiation, and M&A transactions.

Data Privacy: Ziliak Law’s Data Privacy Practice Group serves clients globally on all aspects of data protection and privacy law. Data privacy is one of the most dynamic areas of law: the EU’s GDPR is evolving following the onset of regulatory fines and class action lawsuits, the UK’s post-Brexit regulatory regime is emerging, and numerous States in the USA are following California’s CCPA/CPRA and launching separate and independent frameworks, while the rest of the world develops their own data privacy regimes.  

Entertainment & Media: We represent individuals and organizations in sports, film, television, theater, new media and book publishing. From choosing the right business structure for your endeavor to filing for intellectual property protection and handling contract issues, we help creative entreprenuers protect, fundraise for, and develop their work.


Financial Industry: Law for Traders from Lawyers who Trade™. Ziliak Law was built with the needs of financial industry participants in mind. When broker-dealers, commodity trading advisors and pool operators, hedge funds, investment advisers, and proprietary trading groups have legal questions, Ziliak Law provides solutions that reflect experience with the business, legal, operational, and regulatory sides of the financial industry.

Intellectual Property: Intellectual Property laws protect your intangible assets: patents, trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, etc. At Ziliak Law, our experienced attorneys help you build your intellectual property portfolio: turn an invention into a patent; obtain a trademark for your brand. More importantly, you can count on us to enforce your rights and defend against infringement accusations.

Litigation: The litigation team at Ziliak Law is here to help you defend your rights against transgressions by outside parties and lawsuits that question your own actions. Prior to litigation, we work with you to design structures and procedures to minimize risk. And when disputes arise, we assess your options and guide you through the process to reach the best outcome as efficiently as possible.


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