TTAB Finds Applicant’s Effort to Register gTLD as a Trademark .SUCKS

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supreme court decision

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s “” decision, the US Trademark Office continues to grapple with the protectability of domain names as registered trademarks.  Earlier this year, the Supreme Court held that under certain circumstances a domain name containing a generic word may be a protectible trademark, rejecting the per se rule that had been applied by the Trademark … Read More marks must be shown distinctive to be deemed registrable

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generic trademarks for .com

Our blog entry earlier this year discussed the “” decision, in which the US Supreme Court struck down the per se rule that a generic mark followed by .com was not registrable under any circumstances.  That blog entry cautioned that the news may not be as good as may first appear. Recent interpretation of the decision by the US Patent … Read More