The Road to Protection in China Just Became A Bit Clearer

Ashley PendletonBest Practices

Earlier this month, the Supreme People’s Court, China’s highest appellate court, affirmed a 2017 ruling that ordered “Uncle Martian” to destroy all infringing product, pay $300,000 in damages, and stop using a “UM” design that mimicked, and therefore infringed upon, Under Armour’s “UA” logo. Separately, in April, the Supreme People’s Court decided that the Chinese company Qiaodan may continue to … Read More


Ashley PendletonBest Practices

When dealing with creative talent, it is imperative that a company pays close attention to their employment and intellectual property agreements to be sure that the company’s operations are not disrupted if and when the talent departs. Recent litigation between Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) (and its parent entity) and YSL’s former creative director, Hedi Slimane, provide a case study in … Read More

Party Sanctioned for Pursuing Frivolous Appeal

Jerome CrabtreeBest Practices

Background Following up on my post of May 15th, 2020, the Seventh Circuit has sanctioned Ellishbrooks for its pursuit of a frivolously doomed appeal. The sanctions order emphasizes the importance of respecting the rules and answering on time for litigants and their counsel. 

Recovery of Attorneys’ Fees in Copyright Cases Remains Subject to Case-By-Case Analysis

James GriffithCase Studies

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The availability of attorneys’ fees for prevailing parties in copyright cases has been a hot issue for several years, and I have commented on recent developments on several occasions. This week, the Seventh Circuit issued an opinion making clear that the applicable analysis remains grounded in a fact-intensive, case-by-case approach.  Timothy B. O’Brien LLC v. Knott, No. 19-2138 (7th Cir. June … Read More