Experienced FinTech Law Firms in Demand as Blockchain Regulations Change


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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are currently hot topics  in the financial business world. Headlines regularly note trends and updates on virtual currency, its value, its regulation, and its future potential. As the digital currency market continues to mature, opportunities for related technologies emerge, the complexity of financial software increases, and new legal issues and applications of long-standing legal concepts surface. … Read More

NFA to Crack Down on IBs and FCMs Without Current AML Policies

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Attention FCMs and IBs: is your anti-money laundering policy up-to-date? In a Notice dated May 22, 2018, the National Futures Association (NFA) asserted its intention to seek disciplinary action against futures commission merchants (FCMs) and introducing brokers (IBs) who do not have a written anti-money laundering (AML) program in place. This program must comply with the regulatory requirements of the … Read More